The Cleveland Show

It’s the whole gang from our house on Cleveland Street hence the name; “The Cleveland Show”. Our show will entail a mixture of music from our favorite artists, live dj’ing, and talk segments. Not to be vague but we hope to mix up the content over the course of the semester. To name a few anchoring ideas we will have a recurring segment covering weird, strange, and random news stories. An example of this is “6 doctors swallowed lego heads for science, here’s what they found” and “Girl asks police to run DNA test on cookies she left for Santa to make sure it was him”. We also want to play games as a friend group that we think listeners would find entertaining. Games such as; 2 truths and a lie, would you rather, playing random noises (ex. animal noises) and making listeners/each other guess what it is. etc…Another recurring segment we want to include is a weekly ur mom joke, a few mind fucking facts, and interesting conspiracy theories. Overall we are a group of close friends with good conversational chemistry. We’re very excited to implement these ideas as well as new ideas as our show develops.


DJ Kumar


Thursday | 1PM – 2PM