Chapman Radio is an independent, online radio station run entirely by students at Chapman University since 1967. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Chapman Radio is the student’s voice. 

Our Mission

Chapman Radio aims to amplify student voices over the air waves through our free-form, student-run programming. Any Chapman student can become a Chapman Radio DJ, and are free to share any range of genres and topics on the air. We strive to showcase music and stories from all walks of life, and provide the resources and knowledge for students to pursue careers in broadcasting and entertainment.


Chapman University has hosted a student radio organization since 1967. The station began as a training course for students interested in broadcasting. The original station could only be heard by the people standing inside the studio. The original call letters for the station were KNAC: “the station with the knack”.

Sometime after, the station moved to on-campus dorm Morlan Hall and broadcasted from the dorm lounge. The station call letters were changed to KNAB, because the engineer who built the station in 1967 took the original call letters. “The station with the KNAB” never caught on as a slogan.

After various legal troubles with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Chapman Radio transitioned to an online-only format in 1994. After a brief stint operating under Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman Radio now belongs to the School of Communication. Currently, Chapman Radio broadcasts from Henley Basement.

Chapman Radio is the second-oldest student-run organization on campus behind the student newspaper The Panther


Chapman Radio has over 150 live shows and almost 300 DJs, each broadcasting live either once a week or every other week. There are no restrictions on content with the exception of explicit lyrics which are allowed after 10 pm. Each show develops and broadcasts their own show on any topic, and are produced by between one and five students. The Chapman Radio website houses downloadable archives of every episode broadcast for each show. Each show is also available as a podcast for download.


2018 – Chapman Radio was listed by the Princeton Review as No. 9 best college radio station in the country.

2013 – Chapman Radio was the largest student-run club on campus.



What is Chapman Radio?

Chapman Radio is Chapman University’s student-run, online, independent radio station that has been on the air in some format since 1967.

When is Chapman Radio on air?

We are on-air 24/7, 365 days a year.

How can I listen to Chapman Radio?

You can listen to Chapman Radio any time, any day at chapmanradio.live by clicking the “Listen Live” button. 

Does Chapman Radio have a broadcast signal?

In the past, Chapman Radio has had an antenna broadcast signal, but transitioned to online only in 2002 after facing various legal troubles and being ahead of the game in the streaming era.

Is it true that Chapman Radio can be taken as a class?

One of the most unique features of Chapman Radio is its hybrid status as both a class and a club. DJ’s can opt to take Chapman Radio for credit, although it is not mandatory. Chapman students can take the class for 2 credits (Yes! 2 whole credits!) while completing various coursework pertaining to broadcasting, sound engineering and much more.

Can I have a show on Chapman Radio?

If you are an enrolled student at Chapman University, absolutely! Any student interested in having a radio show can apply. 

When are show applications?

Show applications are held at the beginning of every fall and spring semesters, roughly in late August and late January.

How do I apply for a show?

Visit our website, chapmanradio.live, at the beginning of the fall or spring semester, and click “Apply” to be redirected to our application portal.

Can I work for Chapman Radio?

The only thing better than being a DJ for Chapman Radio is being on staff for Chapman Radio. Any student, whether or not they have been involved with Chapman Radio in the past, is encouraged to apply to be on staff! 

When is the hiring period for Chapman Radio staff?

Given that we are college students, we have a rotating cast of staff members every year. Hiring periods are at the end of every academic year usually in April & May. We offer a wide breadth of positions catered to a plethora of interests, including sound, programming, graphic design, web design, social media, to name a few! 

How is Chapman Radio operating during the pandemic?

Due to health and safety concerns, Chapman Radio will be operating remotely as a radio station until further notice. Luckily, we have a remote broadcast software that allows us to continue streaming and broadcasting student voices even while the studio is inaccessible.